Payment Security

The AreYouDancing Payments site is protected by SSL encryption. We do not collect or store any credit card details on this site for security reasons.

We currently use Stripe and PayPal as our payment providers. Their websites can be found at and respectively

When you click any of the payment buttons you are redirected to the selected payment provider's website which are highly secure and are certified to PCI level 1 - the most stringent level of certification.

When using Stripe on desktop PCs this may appear as a popup window. Although this may look as if it is part our site, this is in fact part of the Stripe website, so your credit card details are handled directly by Stripe at

We chose Stripe as they provided the simplest and easiest mechanism for integrating with the AreYouDancing website. To select one of the AreYouDancing Supporter packages please click here.

If you prefer not to use a credit card you can use PayPal by selecting the appropriate PayPal list on the payment page